Thank you for considering Kizny Visuals as your next work home.

We hand-picked you to join our collaborative, talented and loving team! We’re pleased you have decided to bring your unique perspective and background to us. We know you’ll make waves and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.

For past 10+ years, Kizny Visuals team has been developing its culture. So, we would suggest the following steps to get to know each other better. For you, to be clear of how we work and what we expect from our workmates, while for us, to assess your personal and practical skills.

We located in a beautiful city Wroclaw. It’s one of the most promising and upcoming city in terms of job opportunities, quality of living and friendliness. It’s comfortable to live in, safe, and diverse. Anything you need for your lifestyle can be found in Wroclaw.

Check for more about Wroclaw here: /

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01. Application

So, our recruitment starts with an interview.

Then, we may ask you to do a test project (artist positions only). The test project is not paid, but also, it’s not a time consuming work. It’s important that we actually experience working together.

Also, we would expect you to go through our recommended tutorials, get familiar with syllabus of terms and required subjects. It’s a theoretic base, which allows us to speak the same language in our world of 3D, design and creativity.

02. Onboarding period.

Once, this is done, we welcome you to next stage Onboarding period. It’s a 3 month period where we work shoulder to shoulder, facing ups and downs. This is period for us to get clarity on the value you can bring to our team, and the progression we can provide you with.

Salary will be raising towards your negotiated net each month. It goes 70/80/90% and, once you’re hired, it’s your expected and deserved 100%.

03. Once you are hired.

We’ve made a perfect match. ****You are a full member of a passionate, cross-functional team that thrives.

We like to set a growth goal for everyone in the team, and we help each other to achieve them, in order to advance the path.

We receive monthly feedback, we believe it helps to maintain professional and personal relationship with the team, and ensure that our set goals are being met.

Salary isn’t static, it’s progressive, and everyone is re-evaluated every 6 months.

Notice period is one month.


We work in the international team, so good English is a must. We will provide you with all the necessary language learning resources that will fit you best. We are ready to assist you to improve your language level.

We hope you’ll always feel free to speak up, share your thoughts and challenge us. We’re all going to grow together here, and we look forward to it.